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Materials of maquettes

Different materials are used in the modeling industry, according to the nature of the project, details.scale and etc, we choose best materials for each part of your project.
For each part of the project, first several samples are made and presented by our team, and after the approval of the client, according to the approved sample the main project will be made.
Conventional maquette materials include cardboard, balsa wood, Plexiglass, metal sheet, and etc

The scale of models:

The scale of construction of each model will be checked based on the space of the final model and details required, and finally, after
our consultants’s guidances and approval by the employer, the scale and final dimensions of the model will be determined.

Table and cover of maquettes

Executive models, due to their large size and high sensitivity, require a suitable table and glass cover to prevent any damage to the model.
Usually, a table suitable for each employer’s project will be designed and presented by our team, and after the approval of the employer, according to the approved design it will be made in the place required by the employer.
The maquette’s table is usually made of first-class MDF, and for large and heavy models, we use metal structure inside the table.
model’s cover is usually made of glass or Plexiglass

maquette's lighting

Lighting gives a special effect to the maquettes, but the implementation of lighting is not necessary, if you want, the lighting details will be designed and after your approvment, the project will be made.
model’s lighting is usually divided into two main parts.
Interior lighting of the model: Transparent facade walls such as windows, terraces and… .. will be lit.
landscape lighting: includes lighting elements such as electric light poles, roof garden and etc.
The lighting in each project by designed with the number of light elements and watts consumed, and is usually in the form of 2 to 4 channels and can be used with a remote control.

Items effecting the price of maquettes:

 scale: The dimensions of the maquette have a great impact on the price of it due to changes in the material consumption .
Model details: it has a direct impact on the time of making maquette and more time increases the price.
materials: maquette’s materials are very divers so they have a relatively large impact on the cost of the model, which will be selected according to the needs and budget of the employer, the best and most cost-effective materials.
furniture: Today, there is a wide range of maquette’s furniture in the market that has a great difference in price and quality, and sometimes the use of ready-made furniture is not economically justified and is directly produced and used by our team.