Mr. Mahini

Scale: 1:1

Dimensions about 12 by 5 meters


PlayWood, MDF


Iran, Bushehr


This project is the construction of a 10.8-meter-long fishing boat, which is made of play wood material.
All the cuts done with CNC, and all the connections were made in the form of crotches and tabs without usage of glue, screws or nails in the connections.
In this method:
– Material consumption reaches the lowest possible level,
– Minimum manpower is required to implement the project,
– There is no mistake,
– All the cutting parts are done with CNC in 2 days, and the installation process can be done in 3 days
– Due to the presence of crotches and tabs, the skeleton is integrated so we will have much higher final strength than adhesive and screw joints.
– The accuracy of design is very high and the probable error in the whole project is reduced to less than 1 mm.


Pictures related to the project